Looking For Authenic Indian Chai?

Look no further than Chai Walli's all natural instant teas:

  • No more adding cream and sugar to tea bags to replicate that "real" chai flavor...
  • No more complaining "I wish I could have a cup of chai now", while waiting for a pot of chai to brew...
  • No more searching for instant teas or spiced teas called "chai", and hoping to recapture that nostalgic chai taste...

Easy as 1-2-Tea

Conveniently carry Chai Walli's instant tea with you wherever you go. All you need is one sachet of Chai Walli's instant chai, mixed with one cup of hot water. If you prefer a creamier chai, add some milk or soy. Love ginger? We have ginger chai. Love spiced chai? We have masala chai too.

Purchase a bag of Chai Walli tea today and taste for yourself. Simply add hot water to experience the authentic taste of Indian chai - anytime, anywhere - relax, enjoy and allow Chai Walli to deliver the perfect homemade chai you've been dreaming of.

To learn more about Chai Walli and its products, please browse our website.

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