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What is Chai Walli?

Fresh spices and ingredients

"Chai" from India is a tea made by brewing water, milk, dried tea leaves, sugar, and a blend of aromatic spices: cloves, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cardamom. The blend of spices can vary from region to region and from household to household.

"Walli" is a Hindi word for a female who makes or sells products. Hence the word "Chai Walli" refers to a female selling tea.

Our company, Chai Walli, has created a variety of instant tea products with the perfect blend of spices that gives you the uplifting experience of drinking real authentic homemade Indian Chai.

What Inspired Me to Develop Instant Chai?

Nearly three decades of chai addiction has made me passionate about chai. In India, I cherished the daily morning ritual of drinking freshly brewed tea, which was the perfect way to start our day, by bringing my family together before everyone departs to their hectic schedules. In today's fast-paced life, brewing a fresh cup of tea is time consuming and a weekend luxury. So I started buying and trying all the instant chai products I could find at different grocery stores, but none had the authentic chai taste I was craving. After searching for over a year without success, I was inspired to develop my own instant chai product, based on my grandmother's recipe of freshly grounded spices. I'm proud to bring this instant chai to you, so you too can indulge yourself in drinking authentic homemade chai every morning without compromising the taste of freshly brewed chai.

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